A True Allegheny Whitetails Trophy Experience...

Allegheny Trophy Whitetails is located in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania. Located amongst Warren County's cherry ridges that also consist of meadows, oak, white pine, hemlock, and maple, making our private acreage a perfect setting for hunting native whitetail deer.  Our great-grandfather homesteaded parts of the land in the 1800’s.  Some of the original foundations still grace our properties.

The word Allegheny is said to come from local Native American language and is generally translated as “good river” or “beautiful river”.  We are located several miles from the headquarters of the Allegheny National Forest and the Cornplanter State Forest.  The creek bubbling through our land runs directly into the Allegheny River.  The Allegheny Mountain Range, part of the historical Appalachian Mountain Range, runs through north-central Pennsylvania.  We are on the northwestern corner of this range.

Allegheny Trophy Whitetails is home to native whitetail deer, black bear, red fox, coyotes, mountain lions, song birds, water fowl, birds of prey, and wild turkey.